Advisory Services

Clients require a digital transformation knowledge-based vision and strategic plan that aligns technology with medical and business priorities while engaging Providers, Members, and Associates for future success. We start by identifying medical imperatives to reposition key elements of your business in the digital economy. This is then compared to your current digital landscape and digital strategy. By identifying game-changing products and services that offer a unique value proposition to address customer needs, we create and establish new business opportunities for competitive advantage.

Employ digital transformation concepts to establish a digital roadmap for execution and implementation. Align the right technologies for enablement. Business will be positioned with capabilities for future state products and services.

Leadership commitments will be assessed with recommendations to achieve executive alignment for digital business success.

Measurable success factors will be established to determine if investments achieve desired return on investment.

Innovation Lab

Do you have an Innovation Lab? Is your Lab struggling with transformative ideas or producing just minor improvements? Is your idea lab resource limited? Are your competitors bringing ideas to market first and taking a big chunk of the market share with their innovation? To be competitive, companies must innovate and innovate fast to be first to market and gain a competitive advantage.

We bring intellects from a leading educational institution to explore and incubate your ideas to accelerate innovation. We will leverage research staff and intellects at the faculty to examine qualified concepts and explore innovative ways of using technology to advance models to products and solutions for improving quality and cost of care. The team takes a clean slate approach to innovation instead of incremental changes.

Our goal is to coordinate and assist in combining your digital vision and strategy with the R&D capabilities of the lab to take your digital concepts to the realization from evolution to prototype to full development and deployment.

AI, Machine Learning and RPA

Leverage AI, Machine Learning, and RPA to reduce overall healthcare costs and transform the way your business interacts with Providers, Patients, and Caregivers.

Develop data-driven technology to perform diagnostics to assess illnesses. Analyze huge volumes of structured and unstructured data to perform predictive analytics to determine disease status and outcomes. Leverage public databases for best treatment options and preempt the onset of declining stages of a disease.

Make healthcare providers and patients effective and efficient in their interactions through technology enablers. Develop and implement solutions for improved patient engagement for a better quality of care. Using conversational AI and chatbots, perform patient screening and provide key information regarding medical conditions linking symptoms to causes.

Deploy virtual nursing assistants for improved patient-provider communication. Empower physicians and nurses with diagnostic information.

Use Intelligent Robotic Process Automation to expand your digital transformation journey. Implement RPA to:

  • promote member related customer service
  • improve compliance in payment integrity
  • automate business processes
  • automate mundane repetitive tasks
  • power technology integration


Use Blockchain technology to transform healthcare payment processes and enable faster processing of insurance claims. Ensure payment integrity by using smart contracts in claims processing.

Process payments securely using blockchain ledgers. Allow auditability and immutability thereby decreasing fraud in payment processing.

Leverage cryptography and hashing algorithms to secure patient data while enabling data to be shared fast, accurately, safely, and confidentially.

Decrease administrative costs by removing third parties involved in claims processing.

Application Services

Our Application Services can assess your current state environment and recommend a future state digital enterprise by suggesting applications that should be retired, retained, or replaced for your ongoing and future business needs.

Our implementation services will help you streamline and optimize your business processes, thereby increasing efficiency and lowering your overall operational costs. Whether you are deploying your application in a SaaS model or BTF, we will work with you to configure and extend your applications to address your business needs to support your digital transformation.

We will architect, develop and deploy solutions that take advantage of the latest in cloud integration to integrate your legacy and SaaS enterprise software including any third-party best-of-breed software.

Using our Change Management capabilities, we will prepare your executives and associates for organizational alignment, change, and operational readiness.

Our goal is to fast-track your implementations so that you can rapidly realize your business benefits and ROI.

Cloud Services

Working with fully managed cloud computing vendors, we bring operational software and infrastructure resources to help you optimize your IT systems and resources, without compromising your ability to scale as your business grows.  

Assisting you with migrating to the cloud, whether it is BTF application software or large volumes of operational and mission-critical data, we help you leverage cloud computing vendor’s infrastructure and resources to manage your data and applications in the cloud. 

Performing risk assessment and risk mitigation will be central to cloud services to ensure there are no business disruptions as you transition to the cloud.